Landlords acts of kindness increase length of tenancy, survey reveals

An act of kindness from a landlord to a tenant can contribute significantly towards increasing the length of a tenancy, a survey has found.vegetable basket
Over 70% of tenants who received an act of kindness from their landlord told insurance provider Endsleigh that it positively changed their perception of their landlord.
The study of almost 3,000 landlords and tenants found that  70% of tenants who receive an act of kindness from their landlord stay in their property for 24 months or more, compared to just 53% of those who don’t.
Despite these findings, the survey suggests that only a small number of Britain’s landlords are currently doing this for their tenants, with only 34% saying they had previously given a welcome or farewell gift to a tenant.
Landlord gestures ranged from DIY and bottles of wine to Christmas hampers and home grown vegetables.
“The easiest and most stress-free lettings come when there’s a good working relationship between the landlord and the tenant,” said Endsleigh’s lettings and landlords manager Marcus Latchford.
“It’s important to remain professional as a landlord, but also that tenants appreciate help getting settled into a property. Providing a welcome hamper when a new tenant moves into a property will go a long way to setting the relationship off on a good foot. However, the thoughtful, practical gifts and gestures like offering to hang pictures on the wall or letting the tenant select flooring when redecorating add the most value,” he added.