Landlord Quick Tip

Tip #242:  It Takes a Village

 According to a study by the National Institute of Health, falling from apartment windows is a serious risk for young children.

Perhaps surprisingly, most of these falls do not occur in high rises. In a study, ninety eight percent of falls were reported to be from the third floor or lower.

New York personal injury lawyer Kenneth A. Wilhelm, who has represented children injured as a result of falls from windows, says these types of tragedies can be easily prevented.

First, rental property owners must follow their local building, fire and zoning laws to limit the risk of injuries.

Additionally, landlords and tenants can work together to make rental properties safer:

Don’t place furniture near windows where children can climb.

Do not depend on insect screens to prevent a window fall.

Install window guards that will help prevent a fall.

Keep children’s toys away from open windows and doors.

When opening windows for ventilation, open only those that children cannot access.

Always supervise your young children.

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