Landlord Quick Tip

Tip #87:   Ready, Set, GO!
landlord helpWe all know that sending a tenant a move-out cleaning checklist before they move out is a great way to cut down on security deposit disputes, and last minute panic trying to get the new tenant in on time.

But a landlord can make the cleaning checklist even more effective by estimating for the tenant how long  it may take to complete each item. That way, the tenant won’t run out of time on the last day of the move.

Here are a couple of examples:

Emptying and Wiping Down Cabinets: 1.5 Hours
Cleaning Stove Surfaces and Oven: 1.0 Hours
Cleaning All Bathroom Surfaces, Tile, Floor: 2.5 Hours
Mopping all tile, hardwood floors: 1.5 Hours

It is also helpful to offer the tenant an estimate of the overall time it will take to get the unit back to pre-move-in shape, and get their full deposit back. This reality check forces the tenant to plan ahead — or hire a cleaning service, so the landlord won’t have to.

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