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Tip #68: Sanity Saver

Failure to replace your homes heating and air conditioning filters regularly costs you”in higher utility costs, breakdown of HVAC equipment, and unnecessary replacement expenses. So why wouldnt you get replacement air filters every few months? Because youre busy, and its not easy to stay landlord helpon top of it.

On Time Air Filters is a company with a novel idea – a subscription service for replacement filters. For about the same cost as hardware store filters, OTAF will ship (for free) your HVAC filters directly to your rental property, so your tenant can replace them easily and on time.

You can go to the website, enter filter size, quantity and delivery schedule, and OTAF sends out the MERV-rated high-efficiency filters, so youll never have to think about replacement air filters again, or find a place to store them.

Its not a luxury. Its a sanity-saving convenience, at a very convenient price.

On Time Air Filters helps homeowners remember routine replacement of all-important home air filters. Check out the service today at

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