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Tip #59: Repair Request Checklist

Repair requests cause all sorts of problems for landlords. Tenants who are dissatisfied with the landlord’s responsiveness move away. When needed repairs are delayed, they eventually cost even more to fix. And if the landlord ends up deducting expenses from a security deposit or files an eviction, a tenant may raise the repair request as a defense.

Stay organized and protect yourself by implementing a record-keeping system that includes a written or online repair request form– something that can be filed away and retrieved if need be.
landlord help Don’t have a form? It’s easy to make one using this checklist:

1. Specify if the repair is an emergency or non-emergency. Include your phone number with a statement to call immediately if it’s an emergency.

2. The date.

3. Tenant’s name – as it appears on the lease.

4. Unit number.

5. Tenant’s preferred contact number.

6. Describe the problem.

7. Specify whether the tenant wants to provide access for repairs or if they want the landlord to handle it. Either way, tenant signs showing permission for repair person/s to enter.

8. A blank for the date that the repair is completed. Have tenant initial.

9. Space for notes.

Stick the original repair request form in the tenant’s file, along with copies of any receipts. Keep a copy of all maintenance requests in a building maintenance file.

If the repair request comes in over the phone, fill out the form and have the tenant sign later.

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