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Tip #40: Playing It Safe

Gas appliances are great for their energy efficiency, and they are safe when used properly.

Trouble is, not all tenants understand how to use them properly.

If you have gas appliances in your units, or think you might in the future, here are some tips to pass along to your tenants:

Gas appliances often work more efficiently than electric, and that can be a surprise the first time you use one. It’s easy to shrink clothes or burn pans. Please avoid overtaxing the appliances by turning them up too high, or stuffing to many clothes in the dryer.
Please teach kids not to play with the stove burner controls.
Supply lines around the house are volatile. Keep kids away. Don’t dig in the yard or bump into them.
The flame on the stove should be blue. If it’s routinely yellow, or the pilot keeps going out, there may be a problem.
Keep burners clean.
Don’t store combustibles around the appliances.
Your gas supply may be treated with mercaptan — the rotten egg smell that warns of leaks. If you smell it, you may be in danger.
Go outside if you smell gas. You can spark a fire if you use the home phone, a cell phone, or any appliances. Don’t even run water. I

After each tenant moves out, be sure to check all gas appliances for signs of tampering, for instance disabled ventilation fans, the dryer moved away from wall in search of lost socks. Your gas appliances need to be inspected periodically to check for damage and wear. Some gas suppliers suggest once per year. The appliance manufacturer may offer guidance as well.

It’s always best to play it safe!

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