Landlord Quick Tip

Quick Tip #3: Stick Around Your Unit
RefrigeratorIf you manage your own properties, you need to encourage your tenants to call you right away when things are not working right. Catching repairs like leaky pipes or toilets early can save money down the road.
But your tenants won’t call you if they can’t easily find your number. Business cards get lost, and no one can find the original lease in a hurry, especially with the added pressure of a flooding apartment.
Order refrigerator magnets, customized with your phone numbers and any other emergency information, like a reminder of where the water shut-off is.
They are inexpensive and resilient, and tend to stay put. Check out Zazzle, which offers free set up and no minimum orders.
Place one on the fridge, and another in the mechanical closet or laundry, just for safe measure. Be sure to update your magnets if your number changes.
It’s a cheap and easy way to stick around your unit.
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