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Tip #260: Soft Landings

 “Adults can never be too vigilant when it comes to making sure that children understand the importance of safety around windows,” says Matthew Minerd, director of marketing for Simonton Windows. “It only takes a few seconds for a child to push too hard against a screen in an open window for an accident or fall to occur.”

When an accident does occur, the rental property owner is the first to be blamed. Minerd shares several ways landlords can help to reduce the risk of liability.

For instance, make sure that window openings meet local building standards in case your tenants need to escape a fire 0r other emergency.

Also, teaching tenants to follow some common-sense safety precautions when it comes to windows:

Falling through screens is a common danger for children. Tenants should understand that the primary purpose of a window screen is to keep insects outside, not children or pets inside. Kids should never be allowed to push on a window screen, because it will not support the weight.

Windows should be kept locked when not in use.  That provides protection against intruders and makes it more difficult for curious young children to open windows.

Windows must be operating smoothly, not painted or nailed shut.

Minerd also suggest landlords plant shrubs or grass, and place soft landscaping like bark or mulch, directly underneath windows to help lessen the impact should someone accidentally fall out of a lower-floor window.

Simonton Windows has been ranked Highest in Customer Satisfaction with Windows and Doors, Four Years in a Row. Tied in 2013. by J.D. Power and Associates. Simonton produces ENERGY STAR® qualified vinyl replacement and new construction windows and doors, including a line of impact-resistant products.

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