Landlord Quick Tip #252

Tip #252: Slipping Through the Cracks

 Tenants who know they are about to be evicted from their current home will usually try to find a new one before the case shows up on an eviction report. They are looking for a new landlord while they are ripping off the old one.

A telltale sign is that the applicant may seem a little too eager to get into your rental property.

One way to catch this problem tenant in the act is to pay close attention to dates. How long has the tenant been in the current rental? If a tenant is leaving at a strange time, like ten months into a lease, that can be a sign of trouble.

If a previous landlord never files for an eviction, the bad tenant may slip through the cracks. That’s why it’s also useful to check the Previous Address Tenant History against the information on the rental application to see if something just doesn’t add up.

Take the extra time to make sure you are not about to sign a lease with someone else’s problem tenant.

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