Landlord Quick Tip

Tip #206: It’s In The Mail!

If you ask experienced landlords what they do to get tenants to send rent checks on time, chances are they’ll point to one simple strategy: the SASE.

The self-addressed, stamped envelope is a long-treasured remedy — like chicken soup for a cold. While it won’t cure late payment fever, it can increase the odds that a tenant will drop the rent check in the mail without getting distracted searching for an envelope, a stamp, or the landlord’s address.

It even works if the tenant is home sick and can’t run out to buy envelopes.

Sometimes landlords offer tenants a stack of SASE’s only to have tenants misplace them. To fine-tune the SASE strategy, consider sending a new SASE along with a tenant invoice each month about ten days before rent is due. It’s a little extra cost, but it pays for itself in headache relief.

The one downside: you won’t get to hear all those interesting excuses for why the rent is late… again.

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