Landlord Quick Tip

Tip #191:   A Deadly Habit

Covered parking is quite popular with tenants, especially in cold weather states.  But as winter weather approaches, home inspectors warn of a serious danger that can occur in your rental property: carbon monoxide poisoning caused by idling cars.

While most tenants will know to open the garage door before they start their car, experts warn that a cold car engine can produce enough carbon monoxide — in as little as two minutes — to cause symptoms of poisoning.

The gas can enter a home along the door frame, through electrical outlets and any ventilation ducts. When the garage door is closed moments later, it may trap enough gas to can make anyone inside sick.

In multifamily structures, that same car can send dangerous levels of carbon monoxide into a number of units.  Unsuspecting tenants may be feeling symptoms, but not know why they are getting sick.

Attached garages are a major culprit, but the gas also eminates from nearby detached structures, especially through windows and vents.

Make sure your tenants understand the dangers of “warming up” the car and check frequently to ensure that carbon monoxide detectors are functioning properly to avoid a potential catastrophe this winter.

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