Landlord Quick Tip

Tip #187: In the Best Light

As you prepare your property for the winter, you might think about updating the lighting.

Old recessed lights are a good place to start.

While popular and attractive, older can lighting fixtures can present a fire hazard, especially when non-IC rated boxes are placed too close to insulation. Those boxes need room to breath because of the extreme heat that is produced. Make sure that non-IC fixtures are not being used in the wrong places, and that the bulbs are within the wattage requirements for the fixture.

You may find that the older boxes are vented to release heat, and as a result, air flows right through causing heat loss and even condensation.

Technology has come far in a few short years, and newer styles of recessed fixtures prevent some of these problems by including better insulation and thermal circuit breakers, making these fixtures safer and more efficient.

Even if you don’t pay your tenant’s energy bills, low utility bills will always be a popular amenity to offer new tenants.

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