Landlord Quick Tip

Tip #180:  I See You!

Ever since a noted television newswoman was secretly filmed in her hotel room through the peephole, and several other victims found similar intimate photos on the Internet, hotels have been installing peephole covers for the safety of their guests.

These devices are simple — when in use, they cover the peephole with a disk of metal that prevents reverse peephole viewers or cameras from invading the occupant’s privacy.  When needed, they easily slide out of the way so the occupant can view who’s outside the door.

Hotel guests are not the only targets of peeping toms.  Apartment dwellers could easily become victims — reverse peephole cameras are readily available for purchase on popular Internet retail sites for as little as $60. offers simple, sliding covers that retail for as little as $12.95, and can be installed in seconds.  The covers can be co-branded with your company name.

Providing the added security of a peephole cover can impress quality tenants, while improving the security of the rental unit.

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