Landlord Quick Tip

Tip #163:  Be Cool

Landlords face the challenge each summer of keeping tenants cool without astronomical energy bills.

Programmable thermostats are one option in keeping energy costs under control.  Now, these devices have gone mobile.

Using a smart phone or computer, a tenant can ‘phone home’ and adjust the air in case they are stuck late at the office, decide to go out after work, or realize they forgot to do it before they left the apartment.

For example, Trane has come out with the ComfortLink„¢ Remote Thermostat which allows users to activate the energy savings mode from anywhere in the world. Users can opt to receive texts alerting when its time to change the filter, schedule annual maintenance, or when the system is not holding the set temperature.

Keeping energy consumption low helps cuts costs for landlords who pay utilities.  For tenants who pay their own way, it avoids that behemoth bill they didn’t plan for that puts them behind on the rent.   Energy-saving tools are  good leasing incentives, save unnecessary wear and tear on expensive appliances, and may even qualify for rebates offered by strapped utility companies offering incentives to those who agree to cycle off the grid for part of the day.

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