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Tip 159: Time for HVAC Check

Lack of use over the winter months can allow debris to settle and that can cause clogs in air conditioning hoses and drain traps once the units are up and running again.

Having an air conditioning unit fail during the heat of summer can be catastrophic for landlords and tenants alike.

Record heat may place the units back in service earlier than usual this year. Take a few minutes to inspect your unit as soon as it is back in use this spring or summer, and look for leaks.

Because all air conditioning units, whether central air or window units dispel water, there  a system to divert that water to the appropriate drain and away from the house. Water spots on concrete or indoor flooring are not normal.

Left unchecked, these leaks can damage the furnace, may damage furnishings and flooring, and can spawn a mold outbreak.  There have been reports of dangerous bacteria growing in these pools.

Be sure to instruct your tenants to let you know if they see any signs of  a leak.

Often the repair is as simple as unclogging the drain pipe or trap using the typical plumbing methods and a how-to video found online.

Other problems require an HVAC tech. These techs will be in high demand this summer, so be sure to get in line early to avoid tenant complaints.

See last weeks Landlord Quick Tip.

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