Landlord Quick Tip

Tip #152: The Virtual Paper Trail

Good communication with a tenant is important for catching repairs early, keeping tabs on a tenant, and making a profit.

Good documentation is equally important, especially if there is a dispute later down the line.

So why not combine the two and encourage your tenants to email you when they have questions or need repairs?  Email is a nonconfrontational, convenient and relatively stress-free way for tenants to communicate with their landlord.   Tenants are more likely to let you know when things are not going well — and that’s a good thing.

An email system automatically records the dates, times  and actual words exchanged, which creates a virtual paper trail proving how you respond quickly and effectively to tenants’ concerns.

Be careful when it comes to “official” notices, though — those may need to go through snail mail, depending on your lease language or local laws.

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