Landlord Quick Tip

Tip #151: Here to Stay?

Like it or not, landlords are responsible for getting rid of mold in rental properties. If you’ve been relying on a spritz of chlorine bleach to solve the problem, you’ve probably seen the mold return.

While chlorine bleach in the proper concentration can kill mold, it only works on nonporous surfaces, like tile. Unfortunately, mold attaches to soft surfaces like wood and drywall. Chlorine bleach cannot penetrate these porous surfaces.

So if you use the old standby, don’t be surprised by a repeat performance. If you are serious about zapping mold the first time around, go for one of the home supply store products that is formulated specifically for mold — or bring in an expert to do the dirty work.

Mold only grows in water. Before you treat it, identify and remove the source of its water supply, or plan on a repeat performance.

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