Landlord Quick Tip

Tip #147: Passing the Buck

Information is a good thing.

Take for instance, knowing how much you are paying for your tenants to waste energy.

In the winter, tenants who dont have to pay for their heat may not use it responsibly. They may turn the thermostat up to 90 so it will heat faster, or open a window to look outside or smoke a cigarette. Then they go out, leaving the thermostat pumping at 90 degrees while that same heat is escaping out your window.

According to Machine Automation Products, there are easy ways to monitor how much heat a tenant is using, and train them to conserve. One simple way to accomplish this is to install an electric baseboard heater. This would use electricity to heat a percentage of the tenants home. The electric heater will kick on when the thermostat is up high. When the tenant sees that their electricity bill goes up every time they waste energy, they should be more responsible about their heating usage.

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