Landlord Quick Tip

Quick Tip #14: Don’t Come in Last
Businessman at beachAs the author in today’s feature (What To Do When the Rent is Late) points out, many tenants don’t pay on time because they don’t have the money.
But, someone got paid — the tenant wants to keep their cell phone plan, or their new car. They may pay eventually, but they chose to pay you last. Their priorities are different than yours.
Put yourself ahead of the tenant’s other creditors by automating your rent collection. Electronic payments via credit card or electronic check occur automatically on the due date, and that reduces the likelihood that you will be the last in line for payment. That’s more important than ever before in today’s economy.
Besides, automated rent collection makes managing your property much easier.
Automated rent collection is available for any landlord, whether you have just one tenant or hundreds, and for any number of payments, including once-only.
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