Landlord Quick Tip

Tip #125: Earmarks

tenant disputeIt’s astonishing how many times tenants take landlords to court over security deposit deductions.

Court cases are expensive, and many states provide for penalties if the landlord wrongfully withholds deposit funds.

So if you don’t want to become a statistic, take heed:

Deductions can only be taken for damage caused by the tenant, not age or normal wear. Sounds simple, right? But in practice, it can be difficult to discern the two.

A deduction can never by applied to upgrades — like a carpet replacement at the cost of one individual tenant, unless that tenant alone destroyed the carpet.

Be careful when charging different security deposit amounts to different tenants — that can give rise to a claim of discrimination.

Provide a detailed accounting as required by law, but be aware of the “nickel and dime” scenario. A fifty dollar deduction may not seem like a big deal, but fifty one-dollar items makes for a long list, which can incite anger — and a possible lawsuit.

Stave off problems by providing a cleaning and maintenance checklist prior to the move out. Offer to stop by and perform a “pre-move out” inspection while the tenant still has time to fix any mishaps.

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