Landlord Quick Tip

Tip #119:  Air Conditioning in a Bag

sprinklerIt’s hotter than Hades outside, and even worse inside your tenant’s unit.  Tenants are complaining that the air conditioning isn’t providing enough relief against the swelter.  And if it gives out, it could take days to repair.  Meanwhile, your phone is ringing.

If you want to keep a tenant from melting down in this record-breaking heat, consider a temporary fix.  A company from heat-soaked Florida came up with the CHILL towel, an instant body heat reducer that does not require refrigeration to work.  Stock a few of these towels for emergencies, and deliver them to tenants who are struggling. Perfect for a heat wave, when the power is out, or when the air conditioning gives out mid-season.

These towels are also good for maintenance workers, and landlords who are struggling to beat the heat.

You can check them out at

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