Eviction Notice Form

While many difficulties in the landlord-tenant relationship can be resolved peaceably — to salvage the relationship — sometimes it is not possible for landlords to continue to work with a tenant. When trust and goodwill have broken down, the best thing to do is evict the problem tenant. When serving a tenant with an eviction notice letter, you must follow state law to the letter, or courts could find with the tenant. Here’s what you need to know about using an eviction notice form.

How to Use a Tenant Eviction Notice

The eviction notice initiates the eviction process. It is not an automatic move-out request. To use a tenant eviction notice successfully (so the court backs you), you must follow state law and use the proper forms. If you do not use the correct eviction form, the court will not consider the tenant officially served with eviction. Thus, it’s critical to use a valid legal form rather than try to create something from scratch or use a form of unknown provenance.

Complete the form, listing all the relevant information. You’ll need to give a valid reason for evicting the tenants. While you may not like every tenant, you can’t evict someone because he or she is unpopular. Valid reasons for eviction include back due rent or breaching the lease’s terms.

The next step is to serve the tenant with the eviction notice. States set their own laws regarding this. Some states allow landlords to serve the papers in hand to the tenant, while others mandate landlords must use a third party, such as a process server. If the state limits when the forms can be served (e.g., during business hours only), make sure this is followed. Any breaches in how the papers are served favor the tenant.

Once you’ve served the tenant, you must wait out the deadline specified by your state. If the tenant doesn’t leave on his or her own, you can begin the eviction process in court.

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