How to Make Your Airbnb Property Stand Out

The short-term rental industry is becoming more popular as technology gets more ingrained in our society. With a few clicks online, you can book the Airbnb of your dreams and get going on your vacation.

From the standpoint of a real estate investor that is renting out their properties on Airbnb, the landscape is much more competitive than it used to be. Demand is high for a unique, yet comfortable, experience through Airbnb. Investors must sell your home, including its top features, to potential guests through your Airbnb listing.  If you are one of them you must be wondering how you can stand out from the crowd. What are some ways that you can attract guests, avoid vacancies, and beat out your competition?

Here are a few tips that you can implement to make your Airbnb property stand out.

1.)  Optimize Your Airbnb Listing

Your first contact that a potential guest will have with your home is the listing you place on Airbnb. Images are a good starting point, and likely where viewers look first. Make sure to capture every part of the property, including the inside and outside. Consider hiring a professional photographer to ensure the quality of the photos. Lighting is important when people view pictures from a computer or smartphone.

When preparing to take proper photos, use common sense and clean any messes that you see throughout your house. Prepare each room so it looks its best before the photoshoot. Do not post pictures with people in them.

Photos may speak volumes, but you also need to explain in detail the reasons why your Airbnb property is the best option. In this section of your listing, describe your home in a friendly and affirming tone. Make use of keywords so your listing can be easily found on search engine results. Also mention nearby landmarks, how to get there and some nearby attractions.

2.) Household Items

An impressed client will typically leave a positive review and tell a few friends. A referral is one of the best ways to book additional guests in the future. How can you ensure that every client has a positive experience?

  • Keep every part of the home clean
  • Invest in good lighting
  • Decorate with simple but elegant pieces of art
  • Buy high-quality beddings, curtains, pillows, and other décor items
  • Landscape your property

People who choose Airbnb are looking for a home away from home. Make them feel as comfortable as possible and they will surely come back.

3.) A Few Extras Go a Long Way

Would you rather choose to stay at a place that offers airport transfers or one that does not? All your potential clients will give the same answer. Add a few extra services and the demand for your services will increase.

You may give your guests discounted or free airport pickup passes to local tourist attractions and a local tour guide. You can factor in the cost as you give quotes online if the extras would be too expensive for you to fully cover it.

Giving welcome packs is a great way to make your guests feel excited to be at a destination. It could be a simple hamper, a flyer of cool places to check out, or a souvenir that they can take home. Be creative and choose a gift that many will love.

With the above tips, your Airbnb property will have a very high demand. There is a lot involved from the listing to the actual stay. Ensure that your guests have a great time and your Airbnb will receive positive feedback. This will ultimately attract more guests, and help you generate more short-term rental income.