How to Leverage a Post-COVID Economy to Generate Passive Income For Your Property

What is VPS?

With remote work on the rise, fear of transmission, and financial uncertainty along the horizon, join the hundreds of properties making thousands of dollars per month in passive income by switching to virtual parking software.

Virtual parking puts the power back in the hands of the property manager with an all-in-one, user-friendly, cloud-based platform designed to end office interruptions overnight, eliminate contact amongst tenants, staff, and guests, and add a passive revenue stream of thousands of dollars per month to your operating income.

How Does it Work?

Tenants are able to submit their own vehicles to be approved for registration in the property database within seconds via smartphone, with a one-time property passcode of course, so you never have to issue a parking permit again.

Your custom built back-office database will then show a live digital record of every vehicle currently on the premises, allowing staff to log in on their phone or computer and manage your parking lot from anywhere with an internet connection.

Instant eTicketing and real-time violation alerts allow the luxury of enforcement from the comfort of your own home, so you never have to step foot in a parking lot again.


The Real Money is in Your Visitor Lot

It’s time to stop having your visitor lot taken advantage of, and turn your free parking spaces into a revenue generating machine.

The software allows guests to register their own car for a pass via password-protected QR code, so only the right people get to park in your lot. After scanning a parking sign with their smartphone camera, guests will be prompted to pay an hourly or daily fee set by the property owner.

They will then receive an email confirmation with their time stamp.

Staff will then be notified immediately on their smartphone or computer of any time expirations or improper parking, giving them the opportunity to issue an instant eTicket or notify your towing company with the push of a button.

Ticket payments are made directly through the user’s phone, with discounts for tickets paid within 24 hours, and then routed to your personal account, resulting in a check of

$2,000 – $6,000+ every 30 days depending on the size of your visitor lot. At just $200/month, properties are reaching breakeven as early as their first week.


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It’s time to take back control of your parking lot and go virtual. For more information on your FREE trial, visit or call our office at 301-690-9607 and say you heard about us through AAOA.