How to Choose the Right Vent for Your Property

It’s no secret that we live in a very competitive world these days. Everyone wants the new upgrade, the next best thing, the product that’s going to change their life. For one product, there could be hundreds of different styles, brands, and models. It’s exhausting having to compare products to each other to find the best option to purchase.

Thankfully, the No-Pest Vent is so unique, there’s nothing on the market that’s quite like it. Created and manufactured in West Michigan, the No-Pest Vent is the best solution for keeping critters out of your ducts. Installed on apartment buildings, condos, single family homes and more, The No-Pest Vent is made to install on all types of siding. Designed for bathroom exhaust fans, dryer vents, and range/stove hoods, with multiple colors to choose from, you’ll find the No-Pest Vent has styles that fit your needs. In comparison to vents similar to our competitors, you’ll find that The No-Pest Vent excels where other vents fail.

Lowe’s Lambro dryer vent hood

P-tec Products No-Pest Vent


Price: $13.98

Comparison: Three louvers and a screen block lint from clearing itself from the vent. This type of vent will require monthly maintenance.


Price: $13.95

Comparison: The dual door design cycles air through the duct, helping clear out lint. The No-Pest Vent has NO screen or cage to trap material/nests. Only requires yearly maintenance.


Pro Tips: When installing a new vent cover, make sure you have the right mounting hardware for your siding. Also, make sure the new vent covers the same area that the previous one did to avoid any siding touch-ups. Lastly, be aware if your vent cover comes with a duct or not. Some can be mounted directly to the siding without a duct while others will require you to insert the duct piece into your current duct work.

Check out this Youtube video for more vent product comparisons!

The No-Pest Vent is featured around the 4:18 time mark.