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by Ilana Nevins
SprinklerAs the summer months continue to grow closer, and the weather becomes much hotter, here are some easy energy and money saving tips for landlords and tenants alike to make this summer your coolest yet.
Remember these tips, and remind your tenants, to save money and time by keeping their apartments cool:
  • Use your fan. Ceiling fans use less energy than air conditioning, cost less to buy, and are simple to install.
  • Keep the fridge closed. The more you open it, the more heat is released, the more energy is needed to cool it.
  • Turn off your computers and lights when you aren’t using them. They create heat and cost money.
  • Keep your windows open. Circulate air by opening windows and letting the breeze in.
  • Plant trees. They will add shade in the summer and block wind in the winter. They can even save you between $100 and $250 in energy costs annually.
  • Keep the doors and windows closed if you’re using the air conditioning to maximize cooling. Make sure you have an energy efficient model and you clean the filter to improve its air flow.
  • Use an electric fan as a supplement to the air conditioner. It should allow you to raise the thermostat 9 degrees, saving you 30% of your energy costs.
Stay efficient this summer by utilizing all of these energy-saving tips.  Through these simple tips its easy to stay cool, and stay green, this summer.

Check out our Green Pages for information on money saving tips that help the environment. Once there, click on the Green Forum.

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