Here’s How Landscaping Saves You Money


Landscape parkIt’s generally accepted that, unless you go hog-wild with your design plans, landscaping gives more value than it costs.  For one thing, a carefully planned design keeps on giving year after year with little added investment.  And keeping up the appearance of a property leads to low vacancy rates.  But did you know:


Landscaping can help reduce energy consumption, lowering costs for both you and your tenants?

Paved areas, (the alternative to landscaping), can generate an immense amount of heat, which in turn increases cooling costs in the summer. 

  • Ground covers keep the common areas cooler, and are more pleasing to the eye.
  • Trees provide shade, and also serve as a windbreak that stops heat loss in the winter. 

For energy efficient landscaping, follow some simple rules:

  • Adopt a planned landscape design that won’t overgrow it’s boundaries – this will reduce maintenance costs.
  • Consider drought resistant plants if your climate dictates.
  • Always buy plants grown locally.  They require less energy to transport, and tend to do best in your climate.
  • Ask your landscaper to recommend low maintenance varieties.

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Any landscaping tips to share?  Post your comments below.