Faux Lawns for Apartment Owners

by Ilana Nevins
Woman and treeFor apartment owners tired of paying for the high water costs for keeping their lawns in good condition, there’s a wonderful alternative.
New lawn faux grass is so lifelike, many people are fooled into thinking it’s actual grass.
Compared to real grass that must be maintained, trimmed and sprinkled, artificial grass is a smart solution.
Artificial grass benefits include:
  • drastic decrease of care for one’s lawn
  • enormous energy and money savings
  • helpful in areas experiencing droughts
  • no bugs
  • decrease in use of fertilizers
  • many varieties of fake grass
For those apartment owners interested in cutting costs and maintaining lush-looking gardens, faux lawns are perfect. Artificial grass only needs to be blown by gardeners on a monthly basis.
Although the initial cost of fake grass can range from $8 to $15 per square foot, the savings will outnumber the costs in only a few years. Artificial grass is not only beneficial to owners wallets, but to their world as well; through saving water and energy they are preserving our world.

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