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by Ilana Nevins
California palmsEach year, architects must search for more cost effective, energy efficient and environmental friendly ways to create buildings.
Each year the demand for a more resourceful world increases and Bruce Weinstein, Senior associate architect for luxury high-rise condominium projects worldwide, must build what the world demands.
Bruce Weinstein has some cost effective and environmental friendly tips for apartment owners:

The most important thing for apartment owners is energy efficiency.
That’s how you save money,” he begins. Energy efficient appliances, heaters, building insulation with R30 in the roofs, R19 in the walls all aid to the overwhelming need to reduce energy costs. R30 and R19 refer to the time it takes to transfer heat through material, the higher the number, the more resistant to heat.


By using less energy, less oil, everyone reduces. If it takes less energy to heat a gallon of water, it saves money.


Another way to skirt the energy issue is through sealing windows and doors properly so you don’t have air infiltration, drafts, or air leaks. Caulk around the windows and doors.


This is not costly, [so although] you’ll have to redo windows and pay for appliances, in the long run it’s definitely more efficient.”

Mr. Weinstein summed it all up when he said, “The secret [to being cost effective and energy efficient] is that a lot of it is common sense, and replacing old appliances; the older they get the less efficient they are because they weren’t made to be energy efficient. If we all do a little we can accomplish a lot.


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