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Freddie Mac just announced its maximum conforming loan limits for 2012 will generally remain at existing levels.

This is a result of new calculations from the Federal Housing Finance Agency.

The base conforming loan limits (applicable to non-high cost areas) for 2012 remain:
$417,000 for mortgages on one-unit properties;
$533,850 for mortgages on two-unit properties;
$645,300 for mortgages on three-unit properties; and
$801,950 for mortgages on four-unit properties.

Maximum loan limits for the nation’s high cost areas will remain unchanged from existing levels, with the exception of Fairfield County, Connecticut, where the loan limit will increase. The current maximum high cost limit is $625,500 for a 1-unit single family property in the contiguous United States, although actual loan limits for a specific high-cost area may be lower than the maximum permitted loan limit.

Higher limits may apply to Mortgages originated prior to October 1, 2011.

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