By Brittani Brodt from Key Texting

When it comes to marketing your property, the goal is to get leases. For every dollar you spend, you are looking for a return. While a simple request, it isn’t necessarily an easy feat. 

There are many ways to attract potential renters – from free resources like CraigsList and social media to expensive Internet listing services (ILS) like and full service marketing firms. Most companies allocate their marketing spend across several ILS platforms, hoping to capture the most qualified traffic for their communities. The exposure may be there, but so is it, for your competition. So what are the real results? 

Enter PPC or pay-per-click advertising. PPC gives you full control – control over your ad, control over your spend, and answers to what is ultimately driving highly qualified traffic to choose your community. The name is as it sounds – you pay every time someone clicks on your ad. Your ad is delivered up on Google by the keywords your prospects are searching for. 

Like this: 

2 bedroom pet friendly apartments in downtown Chicago with parking 

So what’s the downside, and why isn’t everyone else running their own PPC campaigns? In short, navigating your way through Google Ads can be challenging and difficult to figure out; not to mention, VERY time consuming. It is not built for multifamily. The process for getting 1 ad running requires a user to navigate 36 steps, and if not set up correctly, it can result in overspending your valuable marketing dollars and reaping little to no results. 

Companies like Effortless take a 36-step grueling process on Google down to 3 easy steps. It translates Google to multifamily. By automating the process and adding in a little AI, the system strategically identifies the search terms that will capture your prospective renters. In less than a minute, you are well on your way to getting the leases at a fraction of the cost. Combined with detailed reporting and ongoing campaign optimization, Effortless ensures you spend less and get more.  


If your property is highly occupied, consider running a low cost PPC campaign to push rents. Have a lease up? An aggressive PPC campaign will yield faster results. Clients report that using Effortless is producing results in 2-weeks that would typically take 8-months or more.


Brittani Brodt is the VP of Business Development at Key Texting. Key is a browser-based software that fully integrates with your property software. The easy-to-use platform provides leasing teams with a tool they can use to effectively engage in 1:1 conversation with residents and prospects from any devices anywhere, at any time.

You can contact Brittani at [email protected].