Seven Vital Tips to Help You Collect Your Tenant Debt

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Seven Vital Tips to
HelpYou Drastically Improve Your Bottom Line

Debt Collection Begins When Your Prospect Walks Through the Door!

Here’s something you might not realize:

  • The majority of tenants who skip or are evicted owing money had great credit and rental history when they moved into the property!

Even the best tenant screening will not always protect you.

What do you do?

  • Get the right information from your prospect before they move in and you will always increase your chances for debt recovery.

Bill Gray of Fidelity Information Corporation shares his Seven Vital Tips to Drastically Improve Your Bottom Line:


  • Complete application. Don’t settle for anything less than an application that is filled out completely! It Application photosounds simple, but you would be amazed how many rental applications we see as a collection agency that arrive at our office half empty. A partially filled in application will rob you of future income.

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