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Seven Vital Tips To Help You Collect Your Tenant Debt – Part Seven of our Seven Part Series

by Bill Gray, Fidelity Information Corporation

Bill grayTake advice from someone who knows the tenant debt collection business:

Your debt recovery may depend on what you do before the tenant moves in!

Get the right information from your prospect before they move in, and you will always increase your chances for debt recovery on the back end.


Signed Move-In Statement. Congratulations, you found a new tenant! No need to walk through the unit – we’re all friends here, right? Wrong! For both your and your new tenant’s protection do a tenant screening report on them. Also walk through the unit with them before they move in. Make accurate and legible notes about the condition of the unit. “I wish I had a nickel for every debtor who says the apartment was cleaner when he moved out that when he moved in.” A signed Move-In Statement can prove him wrong.

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