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Landlord Quick Tip

Tip #108: Stand Up for Yourself!landlord help

Ever have a tenant rip you off?

Did you report them to the credit bureaus–or did you let them get away with it?

Dealing with a delinquent tenant is easier than you may think–even if they have been ignoring you.  It is possible to report your tenant and collect what’s owed to you without paying a commission to a collection agency.

AAOA partner Rent Recovery Service offers a unique option: an automated service that allows landlords to send collection letters from a bona fide collection company, and report the tenant to the credit bureaus at the same time.

There is no commission or contingency fee for these letters – just a low, flat fee. One letter costs $16.95, a series of three costs $26.95.

Available online only, the flat fee collection service will print and mail a collection letter or series of collection letters to the deadbeat and report him to all three major credit bureaus. The first letter is mailed the next business day following your entering the information.

The letters come from a licensed collection agency, but instruct the deadbeat tenant to pay the landlord directly. There are no additional costs or commissions.

The flat fee service offers instant gratification by putting into motion the initial steps of collection instantly.

Many delinquent tenants will recognize that you are serious about pursuing them, and will stop playing games.

Registering is free, fast, easy and secure:

Complete the sign up form to set up your personal account.

Then, log in and enter the debtor information.

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