How an AAOA Membership Benefits Landlords and Property Managers

Whether you own income property in Alaska or Florida, Hawaii or Maine, manage a large apartment complex or just rent out a room in your home, you need the support of the American Apartment Owners Association (AAOA). With over 134,500 members nationwide, AAOA has been providing essential services to every style of landlord since 2004.

AAOA members enjoy 24/7 tenant screening with instant results. Renters often look for a new place to live on the weekend, so you’ll want to be able to qualify them right away. There’s no need to wait until our office is open to order a rental credit check and/or tenant background check and no need to wait until Monday to get your results!

With membership levels ranging from Free to VIP, our tools and resources make the day-to-day work of property management more convenient. From real-time credit data to free landlord forms, our features empower you to perform more efficiently.


Free membership

With Free membership you can join the largest association for landlords in the country with no strings attached and purchase what you need as you go at retail price. 

As a Free member, you may order a limitless number of tenant screening packages. Tenant screening packages range from $19.95 to $49.95 and most include an instant credit report, background check, and a free LeaseGuarantee Analyzer. The Analyzer will tell you if your applicant qualifies for LeaseGuarantee which helps protect you in case of unpaid rent or damages.

When ordering our Blue or Gold tenant screening packages you’ll also have our Tenant Pay Option to bill your rental applicants for the cost of the screening report, so you don’t have to handle application fees. You will enjoy unlimited access to our team of live, U.S. based customer service representatives who will cheerfully lead you and your applicants through the screening process, including any questions you may have about the screening results. 

You can download over 20 free legal forms, including rental applications, security deposit forms and declination letters. AAOA also offers access to more than 150 State-Specific Premium Legal Forms, including a lease agreement, which can be purchased monthly or annually for a nominal fee. 

In addition, Free members receive our twice-weekly newsletter, AAOA Today, which includes the latest rental industry legal updates, breaking news, educational articles, and off-market investment opportunities. And every quarter we’ll send you a digital copy of RENT Magazine, the leading publication for landlords and property managers. 

If you’re looking to learn more and grow as a rental industry professional, AAOA also offers premium live and on-demand webinars for $25. 

Pro membership

Priced at just $79 per year, our Pro membership is a great value. In addition to all the perks free members get, these members are able to utilize the Tenant Pay Option on all reports, and can redeem one free Gold package per year (a $49.95 value) and $5 off every subsequent package they purchase.

Pro membership also grants one month free for Premium Legal Forms (a $29.99 value) and one free webinar for the year (a $25 value).

Pro members receive a frameable membership certificate, membership card and exclusive discounts at retailers such as Office Depot and Ace Hardware.

Pro Plus membership

Our most popular membership tier is Pro Plus. Not only do Pro Plus members enjoy all the benefits offered by the Free and Pro levels, they are entitled to two free packages and $10 off every subsequent package that they pay for.

Pro Plus membership is $149 per year, and also allows for unlimited free Premium Legal Forms (a $59.99 value) and unlimited free live and on-demand webinars (valued at $25 each). Members at this level are also gifted a free eBook, AAOA’s Essential Guide to Property Management

If you’re looking to screen multiple tenants and want access to legal forms and education whenever you need it, then Pro Plus membership is the best value. 

More AAOA Membership Benefits

Every income property owner, apartment building manager or property management company needs dependable and reliable experts to rely upon. With AAOA, you get thousands. Experts in every relevant field have contributed to help the American Apartment Owners Association’s members. Regardless of your need, AAOA will have the resources to resolve nearly all of your property management, tenant management and income property questions.

As an AAOA member, be sure to take advantage of these valuable resources:

  • Helpful tips on hundreds of categories
  • Money saving ideas
  • Do-it-yourself advice
  • Extra savings on purchases
  • Quick reference for news, contractors & suppliers

As you can see for yourself, joining the American Apartment Owners Association is the winning decision. Take this important first step to success and start to save time and money today!

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