8 Features Of A Modern Multi-Family Home

Whether you plan to build a home for your family or expand your investment portfolio, a multi-family home is a great structure, especially if you have a big family. 

In 2021, about 37.8 million multi-family home units were built in the United States. Many Americans prefer this over single-family home units since they’re a more flexible and affordable alternative. 

What is a multi-family home?

Any residential property with two or more housing units with separate entrances and utility meters where more than one family can reside is called a multi-family home. 

Types of multi-family homes:

  • Duplex – Two housing units with separate entrances in one piece of property
  • Triplex – Three housing units in one land
  • Quadruplex – Four housing units with separate doors in one property
  • Townhouse – Multi-family homes with separate entrances that are uniformly built in a distinct community that can house one or more families separated by walls
  • Apartment complex – A single structure that has at least five or more separate units with common resources like a swimming pool, playground, and parking garage.

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A modern multi-family home has standard features and a few additional features to highlight the home for a better selling and rental appeal. Here are the features of a modern multi-family home:

1. Kitchen 

Every unit in a multi-family home must be equipped with a kitchen. This is a great selling point to many and very attractive to homemakers. The kitchen must have cabinets, quartz or granite counters, floating shelves, a sink, and appliances if you’re renting the space like a refrigerator, dishwasher, microwave oven, and stove. Depending on the size of the area, you may opt to add a quartz or granite island. 

2. Patio

Your own patio is like a breathing space where you can relax and seek refuge from your busy life. Typically, patios provide a seamless flow of your indoor and outdoor space.

A patio can be used as a dining or recreation space, perfect for summer barbecues, or a place where kids can play and have fun. A patio can be a path toward a common courtyard for multi-family complexes.

3. Bedrooms

Each unit in a multi-family home usually has three to four bedrooms installed with built-in cabinets or walk-in closets. Each may have its own bathroom or a shared bathroom.

4. Primary Bedroom 

Typically, the largest of all bedrooms are intended for the parents or the eldest ones in the house. It should have its own bathroom, walk-in closet, storage closet, and workspace.

It used to be called the ‘master bedroom.’ Real estate experts now prefer to call it the primary bedroom to keep up with the state of inclusivity and dismantle the thought of supremacy in society. 

5. Balcony

The primary bedroom may have a dedicated balcony that looks over the pretty outdoors. Balconies were initially added to homes for ventilation, but now balconies serve as an oasis for home dwellers, somewhere they could sit alone, read a book, do yoga, and have coffee. A more expansive balcony could serve as a place for socialization and entertainment.

6. Bathrooms

Ideally, each bedroom in a multi-family home should have one bathroom. This is important for privacy, organization, and hygiene. 

For some, the bathroom is the most essential room in their home. This is usually the first area you spend most of your time in the morning as soon as you wake up, where you usually get ready to face the day. 

Many multi-family homes have bathrooms equipped with granite worktops with single or dual sinks and a bathtub, shower, storage, and heated floors. 

7. Car Garage

Your multi-family home may have a two-car or three-car garage. Depending on cost and space availability, it could be a fully enclosed structure or a carport. 

It would help if you remembered that garages offer more protection for your vehicles than a carport. And should you plan on flipping your home, a garage increases the value of a home more than a carport. 

8. Service Area

Often perceived as a messy space, a service area is where the homeowner usually performs domestic activities like laundry, drying, and ironing. It could also have a prep area adjacent to the central kitchen, where mise en place is done. 


A modern multi-family home is a housing complex set up to accommodate more than one family living separately. If you plan to expand your investment portfolio, this real estate investment may generate a high passive income. And it could also be a great structure should you plan on raising a multi-generational family.