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It has been one busy hurricane season.

Hurricane Harvey recently slammed the South Texas coast, flooding cities with trillions of gallons of water and bringing tornadoes with damaging winds in its path. Flooding in metro Houston affected about 6.5 million people, according to a study from RealPage’s data analytics team. Harvey has become one of the most catastrophic storms to date, with Hurricane Irma following its destructive lead.

As the United States prepares for the recovery process, many will be tasked with making property decisions. We have rounded up a few articles for apartment residents, multifamily investors and owners as they rebuild—and for those contemplating steps for future natural disasters.

1. Disaster Recovery Guide for Multifamily Communities

Preparing for natural disasters and recovery looks largely the same. Take these steps to help your community before, during and after disaster strikes.

2. Top 5 Apartment Roofing Tips to Protect Your Properties

Roofs are exposed most to the elements and often take the biggest hit. Follow these tips to protect your properties.

3. Six Tips to Financially Prepare for a Hurricane

While taking steps to prepare for a hurricane or another natural disaster, you should address the associated financial risk.

4. Managing Storm Water in Multifamily

Here’s a new way of thinking about storm water drainage and multifamily landscape design.

5. Prepare Your Properties for Hurricane Season

Straightforward, actionable steps property owners can take to prepare for future hurricanes.

6. Weathering the Storm: 7 Ways to Prepare for Severe Weather Season

Use these tips to reduce or avoid property damage during a severe storm.

Unfortunately, some natural disasters cause damage beyond control and the only option is to evacuate. It’s good to be prepared for the worst and still anticipate risk.

Do you have any tips or best practices for storm preparedness or disaster recovery? What is the biggest natural disaster risk for your region? Please share with us in the comments.



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