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5 Signs You Need To Call A Professional About Water Damage

Here are 5 signs that you need to know that will tell you when to call an expert and professional about water damage in your rental property instead of doing it yourself.

Leaky sink shutterstock_1760535575 (1) 1. Moisture has gone from one unit to another unit or space

  • The professional will make appropriate recommendations based on type of water damage, how long it has been wet, if materials can be salvaged and more.

2. When you have identified microbial growth on any building surface

  • The company can determine if it related to plumbing, siding or roof failures, poor air circulation or other causes to then make recommendations as to how to best handle it.

3. Drain water backs up out of a toilet, sink or tub

  • The company professional knows how to properly handle these situations as this type of back up can have adverse health effects along with be a super fuel for other types of microbial growth.

4. When you need help finding a leak

  • You need an expert who has the experience to help expose if something is coming from the roof, windows, siding or more along with eliminating various sources to determine the root cause.

5. To assess the extent of a complex water-related incident

  • The expert can also address the many issues related to a complex water related incident based on proper knowledge, skill and experience. Your tenants will appreciate this.

It is always best to err on the side of caution and call a professional when dealing with the many scenarios that arise to get the proper care and to prevent something small from becoming bigger over time in your rental property.

Source: Rental Housing Journal

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