3 Critical Electrical, Fire Safety, & HVAC Maintenance Checks

HVAC checklist shutterstock_2291908163 Develop a maintenance checklist for your rental property around the critical areas of electrical, fire safety and HVAC.

No. 1 – Electrical Maintenance Checklist

Here are the most important electrical considerations for landlords:

  • Outlets – Use a tester to check outlet wiring, polarity, and grounding. Hire an electrician to ground any un-grounded outlet.
  • Electrical panels – Seek a licensed electrician’s help to decide when to replace an electrical panel and, especially, any fuse box.
  • Old wiring – Upgrade your building if it has older wiring. Replace 2-prong outlets with modern 3-prong outlets so your tenants don’t have to use extension cords or adapters. Any “knob and tube” wiring should be replaced as soon as possible.

No. 2 – Fire Safety and Prevention Maintenance Checklist

Following are some of the ways you can improve the fire safety of your rental property:

  • Smoke and CO2 detectors – Replace batteries and test the function of detection devices at every turnover and every inspection. Where possible, install wired-in detectors.
  • Fire extinguishers – Contact your local fire department for information about where fire extinguishers are required and make sure they are re-certified regularly.
  • Escape ladders – Provide escape ladders for each unit above the first floor, and add them to your move-in/move-out inspection list.

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No. 3 – HVAC Maintenance Checklist

Developing an HVAC maintenance checklist will help you stay on top of these routine tasks:

  • Furnace filters – Change furnace filters regularly to ensure air flows freely at all times, ensuring efficient operation and longevity for the equipment.
  • Duct cleaning – Clean HVAC ducting every 3-5 years to improve indoor air quality, which can cause some tenants issues with dust allergies.

Dryer, Hood, & Fan Venting Maintenance Checklist

Clogged dryer vents, greasy kitchen hoods, and dust-filled bath fans reduce efficiency and are a fire hazard. Here’s how you can fix them:

  • Dryer vent – Clean lint screens after each load and the vent pipe at least twice a year.
  • Hood and fan – Regularly clean bath, kitchen, and dryer venting. We recommend running bath fan covers and hood filters through the dishwasher at each turnover.

Key Takeaway

Electrical, fire safety, and HVAC are among the most critical systems to maintain on any property.

Any faults in these systems can not only harm your renters but also become expensive to repair or replace if not tackled on time. With a proper rental maintenance checklist, landlords can stay on top of vital upkeep, saving money and headache over the long term.

Source: Rental Housing Journal