10 Commandments of Customer Service

Customer service is job one!

  1. Friendly people Shutterstock_1606546693Thou shalt answer the phone. There’s no customer service unless your resident can get a hold of you.
  2. Thou shalt under-promise and over-deliver. Give yourself a reasonable time to resolve the issue and beat that clock. It will make your resident feel important, and it makes you feel good too!
  3. Thou shalt not make promises you can’t keep. Don’t lie or exaggerate what you are going to do. You may never be able to solve the resident’s issue, but you can make every effort to help them enjoy their apartment.
  4. Thou shalt listen. When it is uncomfortable, when someone is yelling, when it’s not really your fault, stop what you are doing, look that person in the eye and listen.
  5. Thou shalt be helpful to all. Vendors, unqualified prospects, job applicants, or even your competition – treat everyone in your office with a courteous and helpful spirit. Your kindness will be returned.
  6. Thou shalt go further than you have to. Don’t tell them where the fitness center is, walk them to it. Show them how to get the door open and give them a sticky with the entry code on it.
  7. Thou shalt train everyone to be courteous. Your staff should be trained to help residents and give them answers politely. And if they don’t know the answer he/she should offer to take them to the office to find out (see #6).
  8. Thou shalt anticipate issues. It’s easier to tell residents about an upcoming issue than it is to explain why you shut off the water in the middle of their shower. If their A/C is old when they move in, tell them, and ask them to let you know if they have issues and that you will resolve them (and then do it). It might seem counter-intuitive, but when people are prepared for issues that might occur, it is easier for them to deal with inconveniences.
  9. Thou shalt say, “I’m sorry”. Apologies make the resident feel better and you can help resolve their issues or concerns.
  10. Thou shalt give a little extra. Reserve a spot for their moving truck. Provide toilet paper and paper towels for them on move in day. Take a few moments to help them carry up groceries, or lend (give!) them an umbrella when it rains. Go above and beyond and people will remember.

Source: Multifamily Insiders

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