Late rent penalizes property owners who need to pay their mortgages on time and may rely on rental income in order to pay. If your tenants fail to pay rent on time, a delinquent rent notice may make them shape up. Learn what a notice of past due rent should say and how it protects your interests.

What Is a Past Due Rent Notice?

A late rent payment letter varies in tone from a friendly reminder that rent is late to a strongly worded demand for immediate payment. The letter is typically delivered via first-class mail as well as certified mail, so you have a return receipt that proves the renter received the notice.

If you have responsible tenants who have never before paid their rent late, keep things friendly at first. This was probably an honest mistake, and a nice letter will get you prompt rent payment without souring relations.

On the other hand, if your tenants have a pattern of paying rent a few days late, you need to be firm in your demands. A delinquent rent notice that insists upon immediate payment and assesses a late fee can get tenants back on track. This letter should also inform your renters that if they do not pay the back due rent immediately, you will initiate eviction proceedings.

Any time there is a threat of eviction, it’s vital that you have a lawyer’s support. This includes using forms recommended by landlord-tenant attorneys. If you create your own rent collection letter, you run the risk of violating a law.
past due rent

How a Late Rent Payment Letter Helps You

Even the most responsible tenant slips up now and then. While renters who pay the rent late may have simply forgotten, it is their obligation to pay the rent in full on time. If you overlook one late payment, it could start a disturbing trend of late or partial rent payments.

The late rent payment letter reminds tenants they owe rent without using any negative language. Since it can be stressful to write to a renter about a missing payment, having a rent collection letter template is ideal. All you need to do is insert the amount of rent, property address and renter’s name.

Promptly sending one of these letters as soon as you realize the rent is late reinforces the importance of paying rent on time. It also creates a paper trail that supports your side of the story. If the renter never pays and you proceed to eviction, you have evidence to support your cause.

Get Your Late Rent Notice Template

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