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  • Real Estate Investing Generates Tax Benefits:

    Major benefits for realty investors involving owners who “materially participate” in management of their property come in the form of income tax savings and tax deferrals. Even if you hire a professional property manger, you can meet this participation tax test by making the major decisions… JOIN NOW TO READ MORE.

  • Seller Financing Jeopardized by Short-Term Loan?

    You are very wise to seek seller financing for your condo purchase. However, two years is a very short loan term.Try to get at least five years or longer, even if you have to offer 5.5 percent or 6 percent interest. It will still be a finance bargain for you and a great deal for the condo… JOIN NOW TO READ MORE.

  • Decoding Real Estate Rental Agreements:

    Known as statutory contract cancellation rights, the right to cancel does not apply to leases. The only possible exception is if the unit was uninhabitable or illegal for rental purposes… JOIN NOW TO READ MORE.

  • How Can Finance Qualify For Tax Deductions?

    If this is a rental condo and neither of you live in it, only you can deduct the investment mortgage interest, property taxes, condo fees, insurance, etc. because only your name is on the title. Your Finance would be… JOIN NOW TO READ MORE.

  • The Best Way To Hold Title To Real Estate?

    When a joint-tenant real estate owner dies, the surviving joint tenant automatically receives title without probate. In most states, all that is required is for the surviving joint tenant to record a certified copy of the death certificate and an affidavit of survivorship with the county recorder… JOIN NOW TO READ MORE.

  • Unique Methods To Earn Foreclosure Profits:

    Another name for the quick-cash strategy is flipping. Flipping is the fastest way to make money in real estate. When you flip a property, you get in and out of a property in a short period of time, the authors explain. Then they emphasize their top 10 advantages of the quick-cash strategy… .JOIN NOW TO READ MORE.

  • Breaking Profit Barrier In Rental Investing?

    He explains why single-family rental houses make the best investments, both from cash flow and market appreciation viewpoints. Avoid obtaining bank mortgages when acquiring houses for investment. Then he shows how to get financing from sellers and other sources… JOIN NOW TO READ MORE.

  • Living Trust Transfers Get Tricky:

    I am not aware of any way to automatically switch living trust assets to the new specified beneficiary after the original beneficiary and trustor dies. The successor trustee, such as you, a trusted relative or friend, must then transfer the living trust assets according to the terms of the… JOIN NOW TO READ MORE.

  • Refinancing Reverse Mortgage Gets Cheaper:

    FHA recently reduced its up-front, streamlined mortgage insurance premium (MIP) for senior citizen reverse mortgage refinancing. Fannie Mae, the major buyer of FHA reverse mortgages in the secondary mortgage market, clarified that refinanced reverse mortgages will have a… JOIN NOW TO READ MORE.

  • Investigative Buyer Puts Pressure On Negotiations:

    If you are the buyer, to help discover the seller’s true motivation, find out how much the seller paid for the property. Although a few states don’t record the purchase price of a property, in most states it is possible to easily determine from the public records or local MLS records how… JOIN NOW TO READ MORE.

  • Getting Your Dollar’s Worth From Home Improvement:

    You want to consider the type of project you’re undertaking, and how it relates to the homes in your area. If the market around you is particularly good for homes with two bathrooms, and you want to add a second bathroom to your current one-bath home, the return on investment will be… JOIN NOW TO READ MORE.

  • Real Estate Rates Defy Economic Expansion:

    Mortgage rates are still holding against pretty good October economic data, and against the Fed’s obvious intention to raise its interest rate at least another percentage point as quickly as it can… JOIN NOW TO READ MORE.