Press Release for June 1, 2009 – Major New Alliances:

The American Apartment Owners Association is excited to announce three new alliances to help save you money. Effective June 1, AAOA has joined with Sprint, FedEx and Staples to provide members with significant discounts on their products and services. These new alliances have been packaged together as our Super Saver option.

Super Saver is available to all members. Free and Limited members can upgrade to Super Saver for only $ 19.95 per year and new Premium members receive Super Saver for free! Additionally, all new vendors registering with our vendor directory will automatically receive all of the benefits of Super Saver for free.

Sprint is a leading provider of cell phone service offering a variety of plans as well as the newest state-of-the-art phones. Savings with Sprint include a 17% discount off of regular published Sprint rates and a special $ 100 credit for any new corporate accounts signing up during June. This is a perfect opportunity for all AAOA members to upgrade their phones and plans at huge savings.

FedEx ships to more than 200 countries and anywhere in the U.S. Now AAOA members can get discounts as high as 50% off their regular rates. This unprecedented offer is available today to all Super Saver members.

Staples is the world’s largest office products company. Staples serves business people of all types and welcome AAOA members. Staples serves all of the U.S. and offers products throughout Europe and Asia. The AAOA alliance is for Staples online products and offers huge savings on everything from paper and pens to computers and office furniture.

Save money with our new partners and look for our Super Saver program to grow. We are looking to add new partners to Super Saver.

Press Release for May 1, 2008 – Grand Opening AAOA Store:

The long anticipated opening of the new AAOA store has finally arrived. Discounts on software, books, real estate signs and much more fill the virtual shelves. Thanks to vendors like Nova Publishing, Build-A-Sign, and RedTrends, we have a store that offers a wide array of desirable landlord and property management products at discounted prices. Be sure to keep an eye on more products being added to the AAOA store in the near future. To visit the store, simply click on the “store” link at the top right of any page.

Press Release for May 1, 2008 – Two new alliances have been formed with AAOA:

Multi-Family Vendor and have both agreed to separate alliance arrangements with American Apartment Owners Association. Both alliances include a reciprocal marketing and content arrangement that will greatly enhance the depth of information and advice available to members. Additional terms, discounts and benefits will be announce shortly. AAOA welcomes these two new partners and looks forward to a long and successful relationship.

Press Release for April 10, 2008 – Coming Soon: The AAOA Store:

The much anticipated members only AAOA store will be opening within the next few days. Our initial grand opening will offer books, software and real estate signs all relevant to the property management business. All items will be offered at a significant discount to members. The AAOA staff has been working for several months to arrange for products that our members would find helpful. We have negotiated with several companies to offer a discount on every item in the store. Over the next few months, we will be announcing several more partnerships with other vendors, authors and providers of services. Stop in the AAOA store frequently and see when new items become available. It is thanks to the size and strength of our membership that we have been able to obtain discounts on these items. If there are some products you would like to see in the store, please drop us a line and we will do our best to include them.

Press Release for April 4, 2008 – Fun And Games Provide Relief for Landlords:

Our trivia contests in March have been a huge success. Participation has been overwhelming and members are having a blast. Look for more trivia fun in the coming weeks. To add to the fun, we have now have several new online games. Click on our new “Fun & Games” link and play, play, play. Even landlords need to goof around sometimes.

Some of the new games include an online version of Donald Trump’s “The Apprentice”, an online investment game called “Real Estate Tycoon” where you build a fortune buying and selling real estate and another called “Towerbloxx”. There are a couple of other games that are being added to the new “Fun & Games” section next week. As always, we are interested in hearing any ideas or suggestions you may have to improve your American Apartment Owners Association.

Press Release for March 24, 2008 – AAOA New Affiliation Offers Books To Members:

An exclusive arrangement with Nova Publishing and the American Apartment Owners Association was announced last week. As part of the arrangement, Nova, a leading publisher of legal and business books, has agreed to offer part of its library to AAOA members at discounted prices. Specifically, books on landlord and real estate forms, estate planning, bookkeeping and bankruptcy are just a few of the subjects covered in the easy to read publications. In addition and for a limited time, a new book on landlord forms will be made available for free to new premium members. The AAOA is very excited about this new alliance and all of the opportunities it creates for our members.

Press Release for February 14, 2008 – AAOA Goes Green:

AAOA will be “going green”. We will be releasing a new section to our website to help members better understand the benefits of environmental improvements to their properties. Stay tuned for much more on our new “Green Pages” being launched very soon.

Press Release for February 5, 2008 – AAOA New Affiliate Arrangement:

DirecTV has agreed to join the AAOA family of sponsors. DirecTV is the premier provider of digital television for apartment buildings. To learn more, click on the DirecTV logo on this page.

Press Release for January 15, 2008 – AAOA New Member Benefits:

PremiumPlus and Premium members will soon be able to access TeleCheck on tenants and applicants. TeleCheck reports display an individual’s check writing and banking habits. It is an excellent indicator of future risks and losses.

Press Release for January 5, 2008 – AAOA New Affiliate Arrangement:

AAOA will announce a new affiliate arrangement with Tenant File Property Management Software. Tenant File has long been recognized as a leading producer of software for owners and managers of any rental property including single family/condo rentals, apartment buildings and mobile homes. Look for more information on Tenant File in the AAOA forum and newsletter.

Press Release for September 28, 2007 – AAOA Announces Acquisition:

The American Apartment Owners Association, the largest online association of its kind on the Internet, today announced the completed acquisition of United Landlords of America. ULofA has been a successful online resource for smaller apartment owners for years. They had a reputation of excellent customer service and member retention. All ULofA members automatically became members of the larger AAOA and enjoy the expanded benefits offered.

The transaction took several months to negotiate, but the transaction has closed and the transfer of members has been very successful according to Darren Cady, President of ULofA. “We found that merging our members into AAOA was a perfect fit for our members” said Cady. According to Cady, the American Apartment Owners Association is larger, stronger, and provides many more services for landlords nationwide.

Executive Director of the American Apartment Owners Association, David Edwards, explained that the acquisition was mutually beneficial to both parties and provided a significant upgrade in services and benefits to UlofA members. According to Edwards, the AAOA is actively looking to acquisitions as part of their overall business plan.

Press Release for August 4, 2007 – AAOA To Give Membership Away:

For the first time in its history, the American Apartment Owners Association has decided to create a free membership level. In an effort to be all inclusive, the Association is now inviting all independent landlords and apartment managers to take advantage of the opportunities offered. This new level of membership is important to the apartment industry. By creating this free level of membership, the Association hopes to broaden the exchange of ideas and participation in a national conversation on all matter relevant to the industry. There are common interests that range from local rent control ordinances to tax deferred exchanges and tenant screening to property management that need to be discussed. By opening up the Association to everyone, more landlords can share in the benefits, information and help offered. Premium memberships will still be available and will provide better benefits with discounts on tenant screening, insurance and other products and services.

Press Release for June 2, 2007 – AAOA Introduces A Blog Specifically For Landlords:

The American Apartment Owners Association announced today their intention to create a forum or “blog” that will be geared toward helping and educating income property owners. Independent apartment owners and managers will finally be able to access information and participate in an exchange of ideas on virtually every subject of interest in the new Association blog. AAOA has been polling its members and will begin to release blog articles next month. Most articles will begin with input from experts in various fields of interest. Interviews have already begun with veterans from the tenant screening, finance, insurance and delinquent rent collection industry. The Association invites member to participate in the blog and suggest any topics for future articles.

Press Release for February 21, 2007 – January Membership Drive Exceeds All Expectations:

The American Apartment Owners Association announced today that it’s January membership drive for residential income property owners brought an unprecedented 42% increase in membership. Much of the increase has been attributed to member referrals and the additional benefits the Association has recently added. The tenant screening product has been enhanced to provide an automatic decision, the vendor directory has recently been expanded and a new glossary of terms was added last year. The American Apartment Owners Association is very tuned into its members and their needs. Additional services, discounts and benefits are being added for members regularly.

Press Release for Septemer 14, 2006 – AAOA Launches Real Estate Glossary:

The American Apartment Owners Association unveiled an updated glossary of real estate related terms for owners of residential income properties. “Our member services were receiving so many calls from members needing help with certain terms that were specific to the industry that we decided an online glossary would be an excellent resource” said a spokesperson for the Association. The depth of the glossary is impressive. A search for the word “mortgage” reveals as many as 95 variations. A search for “insurance” provides 34 different definitions explaining the varying types in easy to understand language. The American Apartment Owners Association’s mission is to provide education, advice and help for the small apartment owner. This is an excellent example of responding to the needs of their members.

Press Release for February 8, 2006 – AAOA Unveils Updated Vendor Directory:

The American Apartment Owners Association, the nation’s leading landlord and income property owner association, today released its latest version of its vendor directory. The directory had already boasted nearly 20,000 vendor members but now offers a more complete description, discount coupons for members and more variety of categories. The new national vendor directory has more than 80 different categories with participating vendors in every state. The American Apartment Owners Association vendor directory is believed to be the largest of its kind.

Press Release for November 21, 2005 – Property Management Contract with National Collection Agency Benefits AAOA’s Member Landlords:

The American Apartment Owners Association and collection agency Fidelity Information Corporation recently contracted to provide property management managers and landlords with debt collection services. With this agreement, American Apartment Owners Association members will be able to utilize Rent Recovery Service, a flat fee and contingency fee based collection service for income property owners. The membership will have full access to either program at discounted rates.

Press Release for November 21, 2005 – AAOA to Recruit Landlords and Other Income Property Owners with Major Membership Drive in January:

Landlords and property owners will soon find support and discounts on property management services like tenant screening and insurance – American Apartment Owners Association announces that its major membership drive will kick off in January. The largest apartment owners association in the country will be starting off the new year with a membership drive for landlords and other income property owners needing property management support and discounts on services. The American Apartment Owners Association boasts a nationwide membership of landlords, managers and property management companies. Its current members enjoy discounts on tenant screening, financing, insurance and a vast array of products and services.

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