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Landlord Legal Forms
1st Edition (Paperback) ISBN: 978-1-89294-924-0 by Nova Publishing Retail Price – $ 24.95 Free Member Price – $ 22.46

Premium Price – $ 18.71

Description: A complete and comprehensive source for all forms necessary for landlords. This book includes straight forward and easy to use landlord forms for renting residential property, leasing commercial property, handling security deposits, and dealing with tenants.

Product Information: Here in one complete source are all of the forms that will be used in most standard landlord/tenant situations. From rental applications to residential and commercial leases, dozens of useful forms are presented in this valuable reference. The language in these forms has been simplified and complete instructions for their use are included. All of the forms and Acrobat Reader® are included on an enclosed CD in both text and PDF formats. An appendix includes state-by-state listings of landlord/tenant laws and requirements, including details about lease security deposits, important landlord deadlines, landlord’s right to enter property, and much more.

Landlord Legal Forms Simplified contains everything you need to understand and prepare forms for:

  • Leases of Real Estate: Residential Lease, Month-to-Month Rental Agreement, Sublease, Lease with Purchase Option, Commercial Leases, and many more
  • Alterations to Lease Forms: Amendment, Extension, Termination, and Assignment of Leases, and more
  • Notices Relating to Leases: Notices of Rent Default, Breach of Lease, Pay Rent or Vacate, Terminate Lease, and many more
  • Additional Landlord Forms: Rental Application, Lease Security Deposits, Rent Receipts, Move-in/Move-Out Checklist, Federal Lead Warning Brochure
  • And many more!

“Provides a sample residential lease, two commercial leases, a lease with purchase option, forms for altering basic leases, forms for giving tenants notice of various issues (and) an appendix highlighting landlord/tenant law by state”. Reference and Research Book News

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