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    American Apartment Owners Association

    Every rental property owner needs a landlord association. At American Apartment Owners Association (AAOA), our mission is to serve the interests of landlords, real estate brokers, property managers, real estate owners and apartment building owners nationally.

    Rental property management can be very demanding. Our job is to make this day-to-day property management process smoother. We take pride in offering comprehensive landlord help so you can attain your goals.

    The American Apartment Owners Association provides a range of features from tenant screening services and tenant background checks to landlord rental application forms and apartment financing. We also provide full access to over 120,000 local contractors nationwide. These resources and more, including tenant background check, tenant eviction reports, and debt collection services, are provided to landlords, property managers, and investors in the following U.S. states: ALABAMA (AL), ALASKA (AK), ARIZONA (AZ), ARKANSAS (AR), CALIFORNIA (CA), COLORADO (CO), CONNECTICUT (CT), DELAWARE (DE), DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA (DC), FLORIDA (FL), GEORGIA (GA), HAWAII (HI), IDAHO (ID), ILLINOIS (IL), INDIANA (IN), IOWA (IA), KANSAS (KS), KENTUCKY (KY), LOUISIANA (LA), MAINE (ME), MARYLAND (MD), MASSACHUSETTS (MA), MICHIGAN (MI), MINNESOTA (MN), MISSISSIPPI (MS), MISSOURI (MO), MONTANA (MT), NEBRASKA (NE), NEVADA (NV), NEW HAMPSHIRE (NH), NEW JERSEY (NJ), NEW MEXICO (NM), NEW YORK (NY), NORTH CAROLINA (NC), NORTH DAKOTA (ND), OHIO (OH), OKLAHOMA (OK), OREGON (OR), PENNSYLVANIA (PA), RHODE ISLAND (RI), SOUTH CAROLINA (SC), SOUTH DAKOTA (SD), TENNESSEE (TN), TEXAS (TX), UTAH (UT), VERMONT (VT), VIRGINIA (VA), WASHINGTON (WA), WEST VIRGINIA (WV), WISCONSIN (WI), WYOMING (WY).

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    Bill G.Bill G. – Tampa, FloridaThe AAOA is a wealth of information. I have been an apartment owner for nearly 40 years and have…Read more >

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