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    Property Management
    White House using one-size-fits-all plan to protect renters at landlords’ expense: ‘Very frustrating’ Read more
    White House using...
    Read the full White House Press Release Here. The White House announced Wednesday it is taking...
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    What’s your New Year's resolution? Save money? Exercise more? Typically we focus on personal...
    Promoting Responsible Pet Ownership at Apartment Communities Read more
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    Perhaps one of the most positive developments in the rental-housing industry over the past decade is...
    How to Become a Real Estate Warrior Read more
    How to Become a Real...
    By Terrie Schauer, Author of Mindful Landlord     Spinning, spinning, spinning—from one phone...
    Smart home security: Quick and easy home protection Read more
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    Key takeaways Wireless technology has made security systems more affordable Video...
    What To Expect When Hiring a Property Manager Read more
    What To Expect When...
    Every property manager or management company is different, with different skills and different goals,...
    Pros and Cons of Rental Properties With Less Than 6 Units Read more
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    What to Consider Before Investing Not every type of investment property is right for every property...
    7 tips for designing fitness studios in multifamily housing developments Read more
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    Cortland’s Karl Smith, aka “Dr Fitness,” offers advice on how to design and operate new and...
    Roof Replacement Costs Read more
    Roof Replacement Costs
    At some point, every homeowner will deal with roof replacement costs. Whether it's a few missing...
    7 of the Most Common Mistakes Made By Beginner Real Estate Investors Read more
    7 of the Most Common...
    Don't fall into these seven common pitfalls of the real estate sector. Real estate is one of the...
    LA City Council Votes To Expand Tenant Rights As COVID-19 Protections Are Set To End Read more
    LA City Council Votes...
      The L.A. City Council voted Friday to vastly expand tenant rights by approving a package of new...
    Absentee Landlords: Managing Rental Property From Afar Read more
    Absentee Landlords:...
    When a landlord resides in a rental property, it is known as an owner occupied landlord. Many times,...

    American Apartment Owners Association

    Every rental property owner needs a landlord association. At American Apartment Owners Association (AAOA), our mission is to serve the interests of landlords, real estate brokers, property managers, real estate owners and apartment building owners nationally.

    Rental property management can be very demanding. Our job is to make this day-to-day property management process smoother. We take pride in offering comprehensive landlord help so you can attain your goals.

    The American Apartment Owners Association provides a range of features from tenant screening services and tenant background checks to landlord rental application forms and apartment financing. We also provide full access to over 120,000 local contractors nationwide. These resources and more, including tenant background check, tenant eviction reports, and debt collection services, are provided to landlords, property managers, and investors in the following U.S. states: ALABAMA (AL), ALASKA (AK), ARIZONA (AZ), ARKANSAS (AR), CALIFORNIA (CA), COLORADO (CO), CONNECTICUT (CT), DELAWARE (DE), DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA (DC), FLORIDA (FL), GEORGIA (GA), HAWAII (HI), IDAHO (ID), ILLINOIS (IL), INDIANA (IN), IOWA (IA), KANSAS (KS), KENTUCKY (KY), LOUISIANA (LA), MAINE (ME), MARYLAND (MD), MASSACHUSETTS (MA), MICHIGAN (MI), MINNESOTA (MN), MISSISSIPPI (MS), MISSOURI (MO), MONTANA (MT), NEBRASKA (NE), NEVADA (NV), NEW HAMPSHIRE (NH), NEW JERSEY (NJ), NEW MEXICO (NM), NEW YORK (NY), NORTH CAROLINA (NC), NORTH DAKOTA (ND), OHIO (OH), OKLAHOMA (OK), OREGON (OR), PENNSYLVANIA (PA), RHODE ISLAND (RI), SOUTH CAROLINA (SC), SOUTH DAKOTA (SD), TENNESSEE (TN), TEXAS (TX), UTAH (UT), VERMONT (VT), VIRGINIA (VA), WASHINGTON (WA), WEST VIRGINIA (WV), WISCONSIN (WI), WYOMING (WY).

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    Easy web access 24 hours a day, seven days a week
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    Nearly 100,000 vendors ready to provide service
    Free, helpful advice for nearly every question
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    Bill G.Bill G. – Tampa, FloridaThe AAOA is a wealth of information. I have been an apartment owner for nearly 40 years and have…Read more >

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    Vendor DirectoryFind Vendors in Your Area American Apartment Owners Association makes it easy for landlords and real estate investors to find vendors….Read more >

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