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Chris O’Hare

Tulsa, OK


1709 Utica Square, Suite 250

Tulsa, OK  74114

800-746-3175  x 7013

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About Chris

Chris joins Capstone as an Olympic athlete where he will apply skills of an elite professional athlete, combined with business acumen, to benefit his clients in the world of Multi-Family Commercial Real Estate. Born and raised in Scotland, Chris attended The University of Tulsa, where he won an NCAA Championship and set the NCAA collegiate indoor mile record of 3.52. As a professional athlete, Chris has competed in the Olympics, six World Championships and has won three European Championship medals.

Chris brings an unrelenting work ethic and attention to detail to ensure his clients’ brokerage objectives are exceeded whilst developing mutually beneficial business relationships.

Chris joins the Capstone Oklahoma team, who have collectively sold over 100,000 multi-family units, more than any team in the state. The team has experience in selling both stabilized and distressed apartments, including representation of over fifty different apartment lenders as sellers.

Chris spends his time in Tulsa with his wife Meredith and their three children where he enjoys running, cycling, golf, and the great outdoors.


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