Edmond, OK

Iven Vian

Edmond, OK

Anthem Capital

3000 W. Memorial Rd.  Suite 604

Oklahoma City, OK  73120


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About Iven

Iven Vian is results-oriented, first as a retired Air Force Lieutenant Colonel and then in his 15 years of residential and commercial real estate investments. Attention to detail, an entrepreneurial spirit, and a strong team ethic drive his management of his portfolio of over 3700 units and inspires his role as Anthem Capital’s Lead Operations Manager.

Iven is responsible for all business plan executions, deploying the latest property management technologies, and installing cutting-edge operational systems to stay ahead of the competition. In addition, his military training has taught Iven the genuine meaning of investment responsibility and due diligence in assessing new ventures.

Anthem’s team ethic is close to Iven’s heart: He strives to build Anthem into a prominent investment enterprise with back-end staff and asset managers capable of executing operations with military precision. Moreover, the team builds relationships with local agents and brokers to access the best opportunities and build credibility wherever Anthem establishes a position.

Iven has been married for 18 years and is a devoted husband and father of three sons. In his free time, he enjoys travel, hiking, and fishing with his family.


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