AAOA’s Essential Guide to
Property Management

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What You Will Learn:

  • Marketing a Vacancy
  • Screening and Choosing Good Tenants
  • Animal Accomodation Requests
  • Reducing Rental Losses
  • Preparing a Lease and Move-In
  • Repairs and Maintenance
  • Tenant Collections Done Right
  • Terminations and Evictions

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From Tenant Move-In to Move-Out

Learn advanced property management tips on everything from marketing a vacancy to terminating a lease.

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Dale Shoemaker

Los Angeles, CA

Great information in this book! Highly recommended to any landlord and or property manager!

William Weil

Miami, FL

AAOA Rocks!! This book is very easy to navigate with a WIDE range of topics. I’m very pleased with their book!

Jackie gonzalez

Los Angeles, CA

A well thought out book. Great information. Easily accessible forms. Up to date information.

8 Powerful Property Management Chapters

Chapter 1: Marketing a Vacancy

  • Top 5 Rental Marketing Mistakes
  • How to Write the Best Rental Vacancy Ads
  • Photo and Video Checklist
  • Where to Advertise Your Vacancy
  • Fair Housing Compliance and Advertising

Chapter 2: Screening and Choosing Good Tenants

  • Fair Housing General Overview
  • First Call Script
  • The Showing and Interview: Tips and Red Flags
  • How to Process Rental Applications
  • 4 Red Flags on a Credit Report
  • 5 Common Criminal Record Myths
  • HUD Guidelines for Considering Criminal Records
  • Detecting Fraud

Chapter 3: Animal Accomodation Requests

  • Recent Litigation Case Studies
  • Service Animals and the Americans with Disabilities Act
  • Emotional Support Animals and the Fair Housing Act
  • How to Deny or Rescind Tenant Requests
  • Assistance Animals and Fraud
  • Drafting Protocols and Leases for Assistance Animals
  • Pet Policy Tips

Chapter 4: Reduce Rental Losses Using LeaseGuarantee

  • 7 Reasons a Tenant May Default
  • LeaseGuarantee Benefits
  • How to Activate LeaseGuarantee
  • Negotiating LeaseGuarantee with Your Tenant
  • How to Request Reimbursement

Chapter 5: Preparing a Lease and Move-In

  • How to Prepare a Strong Lease Agreement
  • Required Lease Terms
  • Lease Tips
  • Obligations and House Rules
  • Compliance Clauses
  • 5 Qualities of a Great Lease
  • Welcoming New Tenants
  • How to Increase Rent

Chapter 6: Repairs, Maintenance, and Bed Bugs

  • Landlord Responsibilities
  • Tenant Responsibilties
  • How to Hande Tenant Damages
  • Rental Inspection Tips
  • Winter Property Maintenance Tips
  • Vendor Screening
  • Roofing Tips
  • Bed Bugs 101

Chapter 7: Tenant Collections Done Right

  • Prevention: Move-In and Renewal
  • When a Tenant Stops Paying Rent
  • Collection Law
  • Enforcing Judgments from Small Claims
  • Picking the Right Rent Collection Agency

Chapter 8: Terminations and Evictions

  • Termination Notices
  • 4 Common Legal Pitfalls for Evictions
  • How to Handle Hostile Tenants
  • Litigation Process
  • Addressing Common Tenant Defenses
  • Alternatives to Court
  • Do’s and Don’ts of Returning Security Deposits
  • How to Handle Tenants Breaking a Lease Early
  • Tips for Selling a Tenant-Occupied Property