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by Thomas Lucier Many residential landlords unknowingly strut around with the words sue me figuratively tattooed on their foreheads in bright fluorescent colors!

HUD and the EPA announced they have settled with two Cincinnati area landlords in an uncommon joint prosecution.

Smart phones a must for managing properties   by James SafonovIt is a reality that property managers and other agents must have the use of a smart phone. Homepointe agents have used Blackberry cell phones for a couple years. While they are great at email and direct communication, they pale in the versatility of newer…

The federal government  just announced it is stepping up efforts to help smokers kick the habit, and ban cigarette smoking in public places. Local nonsmoking bans are spreading across the country, turning up the heat on landlords who remain undeclared when it comes to whether they should allow tenants to smoke.

Tip #85:  Say “Cheese”! The end of the year means the end of a lease term for many landlords and tenants. With the move-out comes the move-out inspection, and the subsequent deductions to the tenant’s security deposit. Maybe it’s the economy, but tenants seem more likely than ever before to fight deposit deductions, including taking…

By Blake Dale Ratcliff Managers can easily fall into the trap that the rent is the rent and miss great opportunities to drive additional revenue from a property. Let’s take a few minutes and brainstorm the possibilities. With imagination and focus, the possibilities could be endless.

by Vena Jones-Cox Q: We’ve come across some problems we thought your readers might also be encountering, hence this note to you for your consideration in possibly addressing the below subjects in your newsletter.

The only sector continuing to perform well is multifamily. Vacancy rates for multifamily properties are falling and rents are expected to rise. While still experiencing challenges, the commercial real estate market could see signs of steady improvement in the near future, specifically concerning lending. This is according to two economists at the Economic Issues and…

by Thomas Scanlon, CPA, CFP® The difficulties in the housing market have been well documented. If you have been trying to sell your home and have been unsuccessful, here’s a tip.

The political energy is still pulsing from Tuesday’s mid-term elections. While pundits are struggling to sort out the mixed bag of results, voters are just glad that all those annoying robo-calls and ads have stopped. Finally! But will any of these newly-elected candidates represent landlords’ interests?

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