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Home · Property Management · Latest News : Landlord Sued After Scolding Children

 Long-term tenants at an apartment complex in Concord, California have filed a lawsuit against their landlord for discrimination against families with children.

The complaint alleges that the former manager yelled at children who were playing in common areas and told tenants that the landlord intended to evict families with many children.

Eights tenants filed the lawsuit seeking monetary damages, including punitive damages, and an injunction. The filing follows a complaint brought last month by the Department of Fair Employment and Housing against the landlord. With the help of the advocacy group Tenants Together, the tenants initially filed an administrative complaint with the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing against the management of the complex for discriminating against families with children.

According to a statement by Tenants Together, the tenants spoke at a press conference at the property last year about how their tight-knit community had been impacted by the managements policies and threats regarding the number of children that they can have in their homes. The manager, who the group says has since been replaced, appeared at the press conference yelling at the tenants and their attorney.

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  • Rockets

    I guess now bad parenting pays. Misbehaved children can mean big money.

  • Lou

    Landlords have no rights

  • Disallusioned in NJ

    You can say that again. My tenants children were disrupting other families and destroying common areas. 7k, 5 months and my agreement to allow them to stay for 4 additional months and the courts finally put them out. Now they are suing me for holding their deposit for the damages to the unit.

    Thinking of getting out altogether.

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